2016 Smart Security Awards – Security Automation World 2017
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2016 Smart Security Awards

Congratulation to the Winners!

Smart Security Week congratulates the 2016 Awards Winners, distinguished for their innovation in trusted technologies:


Hardware ID Security Prize Winner:
IL102 (GIANT II) with NFC function by ICTK (South Korea)


Mobile ID Security Prize Winner:
Safelayer Mobile ID by Safelayer (Spain)


M2M-IoT Security Prize Winner:
STSAFE-A100 by STMIcroelectronics Secure Microcontroller Division (France)


Security Analytics Prize Winner:
AccessHUB by IBM (USA)

Awards ceremony on Sept. 27, 2016, evening: STMicroelectronics, ICTK and Safelayer
More about the innovations awarded:

ICTK is a chip-based security solution and a global testing service provider. With a new-generation digital fingerprint called PUF, physical unclonable function, it created the most secure and cost-effective way to provide security solution.

The VIA PUF Authenticator, IL005 (GIANT) from ICTK, Korea is the worlds’ first commercial product available in mass production based on VIA PUF technology.

ICTK developed IL102 (GIANT II) with the contactless authenticator which comes with NFC communication function for the non-electronic products and digital identity. It gives excellent features for anti-counterfeiting, and preventing from night-shifting. Its system also supports collecting big data from consumers for using marketing activities. Its product roadmap shows to move into significant application fields, including FinTech, and Smartcard which are essential for the highest security of digital identity.

ICTK VIA PUF introduction: https://youtu.be/_LoARlnU4yA

Safelayer Mobile ID is an innovative identification system that embeds in intelligent mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). By providing the right balance of trust and convenience, Safelayer Mobile ID makes obsolete legacy authenticators such as matrix cards, OTP devices and cryptographic cards while providing advanced protection against identity fraud thanks to PKI-based authentication and out-of-band mechanisms.

Safelayer Mobile ID’s main functionality includes:

  • Protection against identity fraud without requiring an additional authenticator (e.g., a matrix card, OTP device or cryptographic card).
  • PKI-based strong authentication for accessing Web resources.
  • Out-of-band electronic transaction confirmation.
  • Electronic document signing (e.g., PDF documents).
  • One-time QR for physical access control.
  • Web APIs.
  • 2FA.

Safelayer Mobile ID’s benefits lie in its ease-of-use, integration capability and support for a wide range of scenarios described in regulations such as eIDAS and PSD2. More: https://www.safelayer.com/en/products/safelayer-mobile-id

STSAFE-A100 secures your IoT infrastructure and protects your brand.  STSAFE-A100 is offering to customers, who might not be experts in security, the ability to leverage the security of their platform at a tamper-proof level.
It is the first generation of a complete family range covering all system architectures. The growth of IOT network and system generate major vulnerabilities and new threats. STAFE-A100 is the optimized and affordable turnkey solution, easy to integrate to add in your system for data security, platform integrity and strong authentication.

More: http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/secure-mcus/authentication-secure-iot.html?querycriteria=productId=SC1558

AccessHUB, currently an IBM internal project, will change how identity and access management is done in enterprises in the future.

As Identity and access data is hard to get, AccessHUB’s first innovation is in the area of data collection. Second is to define relevant use cases for machine learning to help cluster data. Third is to allow patterns of “IT asset usage” and “user behaviour” to emerge. Final innovation is to have a risk framework that can be product agnostic to leverage analytics (a) descriptive (b) predictive (c) prescriptive. The most important innovation is in deriving inferences from this data to augment intelligence of a security analyst. The techniques described are not unique in general security, they are however very unique in Identity and Access management.

More on IAM at IBM: http://www-03.ibm.com/security/services/identity-and-access-management-services



e-ID, strong authentication, mobile ID, biometrics…
  • 3DAuth by OneVisage (Switzerland)
  • IL102 (GIANT II) with NFC function by ICTK (South Korea)
  • Electronic Identification (eID) e-Trust API Services by Electronic Identification, S.L. (Spain)
  • Display-TAN by Display-TAN (Germany)
  • Safelayer Mobile ID by Safelayer  (Spain)


HW & SW technologies and applications in Verticals
  • Attivo ThreatMatrix Deception Platform by Attivo Networks (USA)
  • Delegated GBA by Ericsson (Canada)
  • STSAFE-A100 by STMIcroelectronics Secure Microcontroller Division (France)


Big data & machine learning, threat intelligence…
  • AccessHUB by IBM (USA)
  • Cognitive Threat Analytics by Cognitive Threat Analytics, Cisco Systems (Czech Republic)
  • LOGICcards by LOGICnow, part of the SolarWinds family (United Kingdom)